How to decorate Christmas presents like a boss (on a shoe string)

I love wrapping presents ready for Christmas. I plan months in advance the years special theme. This year was mistletoe. 


My trademark is Brown Kraft Paper. It's simple, cheap and traditional. I use it every year with simple string and a touch of something magical.


What you need: 

- Brown Kraft Paper (available from Hobbycraft, Poundland, Or your local Post Office) 

- Sticky Tape

- Scissors

- Twine or string (I like to use metallic thread from Hobbycraft or Lakeland) 

- Artificial foliage (I used an IKEA garland on sale for £4, but you can also use real leaves) 

- White Pom Poms (from any craft shop)

- PVA glue

- Black tags (these were from Hobbycraft) 

- Gold metallic pen 


Step 1: Wrap your present in Brown Kraft Paper  


Step 2: Turn your present upside down and stick the end of the twine to the back of the present and rotate around the present as many times as you like  


Step 3: Weave your leaves into the string


Step 4: Glue on Pom poms using PVA glue  


Step 5: Write your tag with the gold metallic pen and attach to the present with twine


That's it. Job done. Merry Christmas!