Mirror Table Plan for a Wedding

Last month my friends Phil and Hollie got married!

The wedding was amazing (obvs). But I was in charge of creating a table plan. Hollie had seen a few things on Pinterest and like most people she saw a Pin, then had no idea how to make it or buy it.

So she asked me, she knows i'm crafty! And I created her this table plan. 

Cara & Nikki Admiring the Table Plan

How to decorate Christmas presents like a boss (on a shoe string)

I love wrapping presents ready for Christmas. I plan months in advance the years special theme. This year was mistletoe. 


My trademark is Brown Kraft Paper. It's simple, cheap and traditional. I use it every year with simple string and a touch of something magical.


What you need: 

- Brown Kraft Paper (available from Hobbycraft, Poundland, Or your local Post Office) 

- Sticky Tape

- Scissors

- Twine or string (I like to use metallic thread from Hobbycraft or Lakeland) 

- Artificial foliage (I used an IKEA garland on sale for £4, but you can also use real leaves) 

- White Pom Poms (from any craft shop)

- PVA glue

- Black tags (these were from Hobbycraft) 

- Gold metallic pen 


Step 1: Wrap your present in Brown Kraft Paper  


Step 2: Turn your present upside down and stick the end of the twine to the back of the present and rotate around the present as many times as you like  


Step 3: Weave your leaves into the string


Step 4: Glue on Pom poms using PVA glue  


Step 5: Write your tag with the gold metallic pen and attach to the present with twine


That's it. Job done. Merry Christmas! 



Working on an internal brief at work. The challenge is to create a brand for a new work intiative called 'Hunting Lions'.

I made an attempt at a logo. Then decided to make a 3D version of the logo from paper and card. Obviously...