My alter ego StalkerDoodle.

Your #selfie is public. I'm going to take it, and doodle it, and send it back to you.

Firstly, I cannot comprehend the craziness of a world where millions of people post thousands of photos of themselves for everyone to see.

I love the idea that a random person posts a quick #selfie pic and a few minutes later receives a tag in a doodle by a Instagram stalker. 

I love to draw. So six months ago I started @StalkerDoodle. I wanted to better my drawing skills and also find something else to do on my commutes to and from work (other than mindlessly working my way through Candy Crush). I do at least one doodle a day of a random #selfie, and I spend less than five minutes creating it. 

My drawing gets better and better and I get some off-screen time every day. 

And I love the thought of that person getting a little doodle in their Insta inbox.