Say yes to action on gender diversity: Six women on their first Cannes Lions

The six winners of the GoDaddy Scholarship for Women in Technology, in partnership with Campaign, are playing their part in ensuring diversity goes beyond talk.
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Say yes

Lolly Morris, digital design director, Iris

I have learned so much. I have met Kathyrn, Tess, Tash, Ina and Amy – five women who are shaping the future for other women in the creative tech industry. We have shared an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. And the world of women in digital doesn’t seem like such a lonely place any more. 

I have realised that Cannes is not about the seminars; it is about talking to influential people and creating a network of allies. So how can you find exciting opportunities like the one I have experienced?

Say yes. If you’re faced with an opportunity and not sure whether you should say yes, go for it. When you see a competition that you don’t think you would ever win, enter it. You see a job that you would never get? Apply for it. You never know what opportunities you may be faced with if you are brave enough to seek them out.

Say no. When a man treats you "like a girl", when you are faced with discrimination, unequal pay and disparaging comments, tell them that it is not acceptable. 

Say hi. Meet as many people as you can. Get yourself out there. There are so many incredible women in this industry and we have so much to learn from and be inspired by each other. 



Last week I attended Cannes as part of the GoDaddy & campaign Scholorship for Women in Tech, and I had my blog post published on Campaign's website:

Here's the blog in full:

Holy f**k I am going to Cannes.

Now I know when I received the congratulatory email that I should’ve been extremely modest and quietly excited about winning this trip, but the reality was quite different. I read my email at work and then shouted the f-word about fifty times and annoyed everyone in my team going on about it all day. Sorry about that guys. 

This is truly a golden opportunity for me (or platinum as my pass says). Yes I work hard at work and life. I’m a wife, a mum, and I have a career. But I’m just like millions of other women in the world. So to get picked for this opportunity is the result of: a good boss (thanks for forwarding the competition to me Brockles), an hour writing my submission, and luck.

Cannes attendance is reserved only for the elite. Us mere mortals in the digital team are left only to gaze, green-eyed at the photos of the ECDs, CEOs and CCOs holding up their awards and sipping poolside cocktails. But this year I am going and I intend to make full use of the opportunity.

There are some truly amazing speakers and events and I will be trying to do it all, including morning yoga, IPG Women’s breakfast of course Helen Mirren. Sorry Dame Helen Mirren is going? Personal hero.

I am of course looking forward to finding out about the latest tech and how agencies are using it to their advantage. And hearing from the industry’s big cheeses about how we can push the boundaries of creative tech.

Working in digital has never been glamorous. Long before the arrival of social media, smartphones, super-fast broadband and VR headsets, our greatest achievement in digital was often creating a successful 40KB flash banner ad. Cannes will truly be the first taste of glamour I have experienced!

We are in an exciting new world with fantastic opportunities to create truly groundbreaking digital work for our clients, and the world as a whole. Traditional advertising agencies have been slow to catch on. But with the increasing wave of young people interacting only with smart phones and devices, we now have whole generation of people who will rarely ever see a TV ad. The game has changed. We have to find new ways to reach customers, to cut through the haze of information and work even harder to sell products and services for our clients. This week, I will hopefully gain some insight into how we can push the boundaries and create even more epic work.

I will also be seeking out all the incredible, inspirational women that will be there talking about diversity. Recently I have met with so many female role models and industry peers and that has been a real driver for me to push for more in my career. Cannes this week is putting great emphasis on diversity and I am looking forward to hearing how other companies are tackling the gender divide.

There is so much opportunity out there for both men and women in creative tech, but we need more female role models to show those women, in particular, that they have a bright future in the industry.

So, in summary, what does Cannes hold for me this week?

Some innovative tech talks, meeting some inspirational creative women and of course, beach parties, sipping poolside cocktails with the industries finest and pretending that I’ve made it in the world.

And maybe I have.


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Campaign has partnered with GoDaddy, the world's largest cloud platform provider dedicated to small, independent ventures, to launch a competition offering five women in the creative technology space the opportunity to attend the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.


I enter my submission of 300 words about me, my job, my life and my passions, never thinking I would ever win.

Cannes is for the elite, the big cheeses, le grande fromage..


They picked me. Of all the entries and all the amazing creative women in the industry, they picked lil old ME. 

Bowled over, excited, shocked, nervous, baffled, feeling a bit sick.

Then my husband and boss had the same reaction. F**k that's amazing. And then the sinking realisation of "oh shit Lolly is going away all next week how are we gonna sort out work/child/life" with 5 days notice.

Some amazing work from my husband, rallying the troups to arrange childcare and clear his schedule.

You'll be hearing and seeing lots more from me, from Cannes next week!! Meanwhile here's a shit Photoshop comp.

Click here to read the article on Campaign.


Say whaaaaaaaa? 


Contagious have tipped us as a contender for a Cannes Lion this year for the GIFFEELINGS Project that we have been working on for Dominos over the past year.

Very exciting stuff! We are keeping our fingers crossed!



Last week I had the absolute honour of being listed in Campaign as one of the 30 Future Leaders in the industry. 

Can you spot my face? Twice? I think the pink hair headshot threw them off so Campaign put me in the headshot collage twice. 

It's an unbelievable honour to be put on a list with such incredible women. 

Thanks to Creative Equals and all the judges!