Say yes to action on gender diversity: Six women on their first Cannes Lions

The six winners of the GoDaddy Scholarship for Women in Technology, in partnership with Campaign, are playing their part in ensuring diversity goes beyond talk.
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Say yes

Lolly Morris, digital design director, Iris

I have learned so much. I have met Kathyrn, Tess, Tash, Ina and Amy – five women who are shaping the future for other women in the creative tech industry. We have shared an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. And the world of women in digital doesn’t seem like such a lonely place any more. 

I have realised that Cannes is not about the seminars; it is about talking to influential people and creating a network of allies. So how can you find exciting opportunities like the one I have experienced?

Say yes. If you’re faced with an opportunity and not sure whether you should say yes, go for it. When you see a competition that you don’t think you would ever win, enter it. You see a job that you would never get? Apply for it. You never know what opportunities you may be faced with if you are brave enough to seek them out.

Say no. When a man treats you "like a girl", when you are faced with discrimination, unequal pay and disparaging comments, tell them that it is not acceptable. 

Say hi. Meet as many people as you can. Get yourself out there. There are so many incredible women in this industry and we have so much to learn from and be inspired by each other.